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The Tips For Hiring Show, hosted by Rob McKay, MA Organisational Psychology, is a bi-week podcast with ideas, suggestions and strategies to help you build a better recruitment and hiring process within your company. Our mission is to help you 'hire tough and manage easy'.
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Welcome to the Tips For Hiring Show with Rob McKay MA(Hons) Organisational Psychology. Our mission, to help you hire tough and manage easy! 

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May 26, 2018

Many managers hire candidates who are not an ideal fit; they want to meet their objectives of filling vacant positions with the best candidates they can find - usually the best of a bad bunch. It would be unrealistic to wait until the perfect fit was found. However, care needs to be taken not to make an accommodation that violates one of the jobs critical behavioural attributes - enter the power of developing job benchmarks BEFORE you begin the hiring process. Show script at -


May 9, 2018

I am always on the lookout for interesting info and tips to help you in your hiring process. Last week I read an interesting article from Dr Daniel Lake – Director of LeadCoachRelease. So rather than my dulcite tones, I have invited Dan on this podcast to speak as a subject expert about Millennials in the workforce.

Dan recently returned to New Zealand after 14 years in Europe, Asia, and the USA focused on young leaders in the not-for-profit sector. He lived in 5 countries and travelled to more than 30. He is passionate about seeing young leaders step up and step out. Dan coaches, trains and speaks on leadership development and managing the millennial generation at Lead Coach Release.

Being an expert in the behaviour of Millennials, I thought it would be great to get him on the show to give us some insight into how we can better direct our recruitment and onboard to this dominate workforce.

NOTE - Dan can be reached through or email him at Daniel Lake at

Apr 12, 2018

I was addressing the Auckland Rotary Club when it came to the Q&A a member asked if I could ask just one interview question, what would that be? I quickly replied that I hope I am never in that position. 

However, I must say, this question did give me cause for some fast thinking on my feet. Before I give you my answer, I would like to address job interview questions in general. 

Think of some of the standard interview questions you have asked over the years. Of all the hundreds of questions asked, I bet you could neatly cluster them into just three overall questions:

Mar 9, 2018

When it comes to hiring new talent, there are two areas in the hiring process that I see recruiters failing to address on a regular basis.

Many recruiters understand these two sins but have made it their policy not to address them, to keep the status quo.

My first beef is the failure of not advising candidates at the point of application the intended remuneration for the job.

The second is a failure to communicate effectively with every candidate during and after the hiring process.

Failing to address these two simple and painless processes cost you time, good candidates and the ability to position your brand as one who values its employees.

Feb 21, 2018

We all agree that technology is moving at the speed of sound and impacting every corner of our lives, even searching and applying for a job. This begs the question, “What technologies will make the most impact on your recruitment process this year?” Budget time is looming, so as you kick into the new year, think about allocating budget for one, some, or all of my big four suggestions.

Feb 1, 2018

About to hire a new employee? How will you assess their suitability for the job? After over 15 years of personal observations, most hiring managers go into the hiring process without any framework of assessment. For those of you who are guilty of hiring by the ‘seat of your pants’, let me give you a few helpful pointers to get you more structured.

Before starting the hiring process, you need to evaluate the competencies required for the job. A competency is a set of behaviours (learned or innate) that demonstrates a job applicant or current employee has the abilities, knowledge, skills and personal attributes to be successful on the job. 

Jan 11, 2018

Problem-solving has a long history of research dating back to the American Military in World War 1. General mental ability tests were developed to identify the suitability of recruits for officer training.  A proliferation of research over the last 100 years has validated general mental ability as the best predictor of future job performance, no matter what the job role. This simple, one-off test has a validity factor of around point 52. In this week's podcast, I stress the importance of conducting a 'problem-solving' test on your finalists in your current hiring project. It's simple to do and very inexpensive. But best of all, it is highly productive of future job performance.

Dec 18, 2017

The use of video interviewing has become a standard practice for many organizations, allowing them to automate their recruiting process. On-demand Video Interviewing is another method of evaluation that is used by many recruiters. On-demand video interviewing is known by several alternative names such as, one-way and pre-recorded. This type of interviewing is gaining great traction as it saves time, standardises the interview process and can evaluate candidates much earlier in the selection process. No matter what size organisation you are, on-demand video interviews will cut administration and speed to hire on a large or small number of candidates.

Dec 6, 2017

Many of you would be aware of the Dr Murray fiasco. He was CEO of the Waikato District Health Board and ran up large unapproved expenses.

Past behaviour reflects future behaviour, so my burning question to the Board of Directors, "Did you talk to the Chairperson of his two previous health positions?"

The importance of doing a diligent reference check, at least three previous managers, is a given for ANY hire.

Technology has made reference checking faster, easier and more predictive. Check out

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Nov 22, 2017

Why do employees - hired by the same methods, doing the same job, and managed by the same person - perform so differently? Dependency on the traditional one-on-one unstructured interview is a prime reason.

Besides being the most expensive tool (management time) in the selection process, the unstructured interview is also the least valid - between .05 and .15 - so at best you'll get it right one out of every six interviews. The structured interview jumps validity to between .40 and .60 - much better, but still the toss of a coin.

Here is a link to the transcript:

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